Introduction of patent attorneys

Yoshiyuki Konishi


1973 Graduated from Doshisha University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering


  • 1973 Joined Nippon Railway Co., Ltd.
  • 1975 Technical Research Institute
  • 1985 General Manager, Planning Office         
  • 1986 Transferred to Kintetsu Cable Network Co., Ltd. General Manager of Construction Department  
  • 1994 Director of the Company           
  • 2008 President          
  • 2014 Director and Advisor 
  • 2015 Patent Attorney Registration (No. 20409)

License and qualifications

  • 2014 Patent Attorney Examination Passed (No. 12711)           
  • 1998 Information Processing Engineer Test System Analyst (No. A2900176)
  • 1995 Registered as a Technician (Electrical & Electronic) (NO. LR-346)           
  • 1990 Telecommunications Chief Engineer (Type 1 Transmission Exchange) (No. AA90A01608D)           
  • 1992 Telecommunications Chief Engineer (Line) (AC92A00565F)           
  • 1993 First-class land radio engineer (EARF 17)           
  • 1996 Type 3 Electric Chief Engineer (No.32-3343)

Work Experience


Kintetsu Technical Research Institute

  • Participation in advanced CATV experimental model town of Ministry of International Trade and Industry
  • Development of character pattern creation system       
  • Development of automatic driving curve creation system for trains     
  • Electric power simulation for analyzing the influence of electric power regenerative braking of trains on substations etc. 
  • Optical fiber usability experiment     
  • Development of communication software for connection between the large-scale computer UNIVAC 1110 and the laboratory PDP 11
  • Development of autonomous distributed train operation control system       
  • Multivariate analysis, demand forecast and budget simulation using comet (lightweight economic model)

 ■Kintetsu Planning Office Era  

  • Credit card marketing       
  • Fiber optic leasing business    

  ■Kintetsu Cable Network Co., Ltd. Era

  •   Design, construction and maintenance of CATV equipment       
  •   Construction of CATV customer management and control system      
  •   Type 1 Telecommunications Business Permit Application       
  •   Cable Modem Research (Intel)       
  •   Construction of dial-up Internet system       
  •   Construction of cable Internet system       
  •   Construction of 050 telephone system      
  •   Construction of ADSL Internet system       
  •   Construction of FTTH Internet system       
  •   oABJ telephone service cooperation with other companies’ systems (KDDI, SoftBank)       
  •    Marketing and management of CATV business

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