Flow from inquiry to TV meeting

Here, we will introduce the basic flow from our inquiry to the meeting by video conference.

(1) Fill out the “Inquiry Form”

When you fill out the “Inquiry Form” and press the submit button, “Contact Us” will be sent to our office.

(2) Automatic sending of thanks mail

Our server will send you a confirmation “Thanks Mail” automatically.

(3) The person in charge contacts you

We will review your “inquiry” and contact you by email or phone.
We will contact you by three business days.
We will easily listen to your consultation and decide the date and time of the video conference (meeting) .

In addition, we will consult with you about the materials you would like to prepare for your meeting.

(4) E-mail for video conference (meeting)

We will have a meeting on your desired date and time.
To do this , we will send you an invitation email to join the meeting.

When you click the code described in the e-mail on the date and time of the meeting, Google Meet will automatically start up and you can easily join the meeting.

In the case of PC, Google Chrome is required as a browser. If you use a browser other than Chrome, please install Google Chrome beforehand. For smartphones etc., the Hangout Meet app has been released for Android and iPhone.

You can use this app to join a video conference from your mobile device.

  ■Play Store (Android)

  ■App Store (iOS)

(5) Holding a video conference (meeting)

At the meeting, we will ask for specific requests and provide necessary explanations.

Participation is also possible from a few PCs, but may depend on line speed, CPU and other capabilities.

The explanation is done by displaying the document on the screen of a PC or the like.