Feature of our Japanese internet patent office service

Online meeting by utilizing the Internet

Using of video conferencing

■Video conferencing allows remote users to make necessary meetings online.

■ The video conferencing system uses “meet” which is an easy-to-use Google Gsuits app.

■”meet” is based on WebRTC technology, you can easily video conference as long as you have a browser.

Using screen sharing

■ Use screen sharing to display necessary materials on the screen, and we will explain based on this.

■ You can also display the documents on the screen and explain them.

Customer-specific website (utilization of the cloud)

■The application status and materials related to the application are managed on the customer-specific website(using Google site).

■You can log in with your Google account and see the necessary materials and other information.Therefore, there is little need to communicate with email attachments.

Your Benefits

■These enable efficient communication, and we can respond to the needs of our customers.

■ If you have Internet access, you can receive services anywhere in the world.

■ You do not have to go to the office, it is possible to improve efficiency and reduce costs.