Trademark application / registration costs in Japan

About trademark registration

■ Trademark registration applications from foreign countries to Japan include the “Direct Route“, which is submitted directly to Japan, and the “Madrid protocol Route“, which designates Japan as an international application under the Madrid protocol.

■ In the case of an international application under the Madrid protocol, the costs such as “application fee” and “registration fee” are paid to the International Bureau (WIPO) at the time of international application, and it is not necessary to pay the Japanese Patent Office.

■ International applications under the Madrid protocol can be processed without a Japanese local representative, but if the JPO issues a provisional rejection notice, it is necessary the response to the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) will be processing by the Japanese local representative.

Cost required for direct application to Japan

■ In order to obtain a trademark registration, the fees paid to the Patent Office and the costs of our local representative in the application stage, the examination stage (intermediary process), the registration stage, and the maintenance phase, respectively , will be incurred.

Application stage costs

■ Expenses required for application for trademark registration.

■ Expenses for the total amount of “the fee paid to the Patent Office” and “the fee for our office” are necessary.

Fee to be paid to the Patent Office

Trademark application 3,400 yen + (number of classes × 8,600 yen)

Our office fee

Trademark application Fee10,000 yen + (number of classes × 5,000 yen)

Examination stage costs

■ If the examiner determines that the requirements for trademark registration can not be found as a result of the examination, the examiner will notify the applicant (agent) of the “reason for refusal”.

■We communicate closely with the applicant (agent) and submit an opinion against the “Reason for refusal”, amend the reduction of the scope of protection, resolve the “Reason for refusal”, send it to the examiner, and we will try to make sure that this trademark meets the registration requirements.

■ For this reason, it may be costly to write an opinion or an amendment, or to deal with an examiner.

Our office fee (only if necessary)

written opinion and amendment About 30,000 yen

Registration stage costs

Once the examination by the examiner is completed and the registration decision is made, the patent will be registered and the patent right will become effective by paying the patent fee for 10 years.

■ If the trademark is to be used only for a short period of time, it is accepted that the trademark registration fee for 5 years shall be paid ( by installments).

Fee to be paid to the Patent Office

Trademark registration fee (10 years)Number of classes × 32.900 yen
Payment of registration fee by installments (5 years)Number of classes × 17,200 yen

Our office fee

■ Our office introduces trademark registration reward for success to keep trademark application fees low.
If the application is rejected, we will not be able to obtain a trademark registration reward for success , as a result reducing the burden on the applicant (agent).

Registration fee 10,000 yen + (number of classes × 5,000 yen)

Maintenance phase costs

■ A trademark can be retained for a necessary period of time by applying for renewal.

■ You can renew at any number of times.

■ The first 10 years are registered with the Patent Office at the time of registering the trademark. After 10 years, the registration fee will be paid by applying for renewal.

Fee to be paid to the Patent Office

■ Renewal registration fee is 10 years.

■ In the case of renewal, it is also possible by installments (5 years).

Renewal feeNumber of classes × 43,600 yen
Renewal fee by installments (5 years) Number of classes × 22,800 yen

Calculation example of trademark fee in our case

■ The following table shows the fees for the full registration of the 10-year trademark registration fee in one class.

Item Our office fee Patent office feeTotal
Application stage15,000 yen12,000 yen27,000 yen
Registration stage15,000 yen32,900 yen47,400 yen
Total30,000 yen44,900 yen74,400 yen

*If the examiner has notified you of the reasons for refusal, it will cost about 30,000 yen separately to prepare the written opinion / amendment.
*Consumption tax is required for our office fee.

Application for international trademark registration under Madrid protocol

Fee to be paid to the Patent Office

■ Since you have already paid to the International Office (WIPO) at the time of application, there will be no cost even if you transfer the procedure to Japan.

Our office fee (only if necessary)

■ In the case of an international application based on the Madrid protocol, there may be a cost related to the written opinion / amendment to the examiner’s provisional refusal notification.

written opinion / amendment About 30,000 yen