Cost required for filing a utility model registration from foreign countries to Japan

About the utility model fee

■ In order to apply for a utility model registration application from foreign country to Japan, there are “Direct Route” to apply directly in Japan and “PCT Route” to designate Japan by PCT international application.

■The cost of the “PCT route” is the same as the direct application route.

■ In order to obtain a utility model registration application, there are costs incurred at the filing stage, the examination request stage, the examination stage (intermediate process), the registration stage, and the maintenance stage.

■ Please see the Patent Office website “Schedule of fees” (external link) for details of the fees of the Japan Patent Office.

■ We provide services at a fairly low cost.

■ The amount of money of our office requires a consumption tax.

Application stage costs

■ It is the cost required for a utility model registration application.

■ It is necessary to pay for the sum of “Fee to be paid to the Patent Office”, “Our office fee” and “Translation fee

Fee to be paid to the Patent Office

Utility Model application14,000 yen
The first three years of utility model registration fee6,300 yen + number of claims x 300 yen

Our office fee

Utility model registration application fee60,000 yen

Translation fee (actual expenses)

■ Translation into Japanese can be done by the applicant (agent) or at our office.

Maintenance phase costs

■ A registration fee is required to maintain utility model rights.

■ The first three years are included at the time of application of the utility model, so a registration fee will be required from the fourth year.

■ Registration fee will increase as time goes by.

Fees paid to the Patent Office

4-6th year: annually, 6,100 yen + number of claims × 300
7-10th year: annually, 18,100 yen + number of claims × 900

Calculation example of utility model fee in our case

The following is an example of calculating the fee when the claim is 3 which is a standard case.

Item Our office fee Patent office fee Total
Application stage60,000 yen14,000 yen74,000 yen
Registration stage 0 yen7,200 yen7,200 yen
Total Meter60,000 yen21,200 yen81,200 yen

*A separate consumption tax is required for our rates.
*A separate translation into Japanese is required.

Cost required to exercise the right

■ Utility model rights are registered without technical review.

■ Therefore, when exercising the right to others, it is necessary to present a “Registrability Report”.

■ The Registrability Report is an objective judgment material on the validity of the registered utility model right, and the examiner of the Patent Office examines the prior art documents and evaluates the novelty and inventive step etc. .

Fees paid to the Patent Office

Request for Registrability Report 42,000 yen + (number of claims × 1,000 yen)

Our office fee

Request for Registrability Report 20,000 yen