Cost required for patent application from foreign country to Japan

About patent fees

■ In order to apply for a patent from foreign country to Japan, there are “Direct Route” to apply directly in Japan and “PCT Route” to designate Japan by PCT international application.

■ The cost of the “PCT route” is the same as the direct application route except that the examination fee in Japan is slightly reduced.

■ In order to obtain a patent, there are costs incurred at the filing stage, the examination request stage, the examination stage (intermediate process), the registration stage, and the maintenance stage.

■ Please see the Patent Office website “Schedule of fees” (external link) for details of the fees of the Japan Patent Office.

We provide services at a fairly low cost.

■ The amount of money of our office requires a consumption tax.

Application stage costs

■ It is the cost required for patent application.

■ The cost of the sum of “the fee to be paid to the Patent Office” and “the fee of our office” is required.

Fee to be paid to the Patent Office

Application fee22,000 yen

Our office fee

Patent application fee70,000 yen

Translation costs (actual expenses)

■ Translation into Japanese can be done by the applicant (agent) or at our office.

Examination Request Stage Cost

It is expense required when we request examination.

Fee to be paid to the Patent Office

Request for examination (direct application route)138,000 yen + (number of claims × 4,000 yen)
Request for examination (PCT Route) 124,000 yen + (number of claims × 3,600 yen)

Our office fee

Examination request fee7,000 yen

Examination stage costs (only if necessary)

■ It is the cost for responding to the notice of reasons for refusal from the examiner.

■ We will consider with the applicant (agent) and submit a written opinion and an amendment to the Japan Patent Office.

■ The cost of the Japan Patent Office does not accrue because the examination fee has already been paid

Our office fee

written opinion and amendment20,000 ~50,000 yen

Registration stage costs

Once the examination by the examiner is completed and the registration decision is made, the patent will be registered and the patent right will become effective by paying the patent fee for 3 years.

Fee to be paid to the Patent Office

First 3 years of patent fee12,900 yen + number of claims x 900 yen

Our office fee

Registration fee7,000 yen

Maintenance phase costs

■ Patent fee is required to maintain patent rights.

■ The first 3 years are stored at the time of patent registration, so the registration fee is required from the 4th year.

■ Registration fee will increase as time goes by.

Fee to be paid to the Patent Office

4-6th year: annually, 10,300 yen + number of claims × 800
7-9th year: annually, 24,800 yen + number of claims × 1,900
10-25th year: annually, 59,400 yen + number of claims × 4,600

Calculation example of patent fee in our case

■ The following is an example of calculation of usage fee for the case where the claim is 5 which is a standard case.

ItemOur office feePatent office feeTotal
Application stage70,000 yen22,000 yen92,000 yen
Examination request stage 7,000 yen158,000 yen165,000 yen
Registration stage7,000 yen17,400 yen24,400 yen
Total 84,000 yen197,400 yen 281,400 yen

*In the case of the PCT route, the examination fee of the Japan Patent Office will be reduced by 16,000 yen.
*Separately, translation into Japanese is required.
*If the examiner has notified you of the reasons for refusal, it will cost 20,000 to 50,000 yen separately to prepare the written opinion / amendment.
*A separate consumption tax is required for our rates.